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"In the biting honesty of salt, the sea makes her secrets known to those who care to listen."
Sandra Benitez

Maritime photos index

Le Havre - Gull in flight
Nafplio - Storm over the harbor
Nafplio - Nafplion Bay
Ploumanac'h - Pig rock
Møn - Møns klint - rocks and cliffs
Højerup - Sailboat in the mist
Hornbæk - Reflecting Masts
Copenhaguen - Nyhavn - halyards of an old rig
Copenhaguen - The Black Diamond (library)
Whitstable - Fishing Traps Flags
Le Havre - The shining bolt
Le Havre - Two kids and the cargo ship
Le Havre - Lonely man on the wooden pier peering at a cargo
Dinard - Tents on the beach (plage de l'écluse)
Dinard - Saint-Malo seen through the beach tents (plage de l'écluse)
Saint-Quay-Portrieux - Flying sea gull
Cabo Girão - High angle view of the shore
Le Havre - Shadows at sunset on the beach
Chania - Kioutsouk Hassan Mosque, cathedral and mountains
Anavissos - Fisherman and his nets
Dinard - Waves and rocks
Dinard - Very low tide
Moldefjorden - Sunset
Trondheim - Stilt warehouses
Trondheim - Wood barge and its reflection in the morning sun
Alstanaug - The seven sisters (2959 to 3628 ft)
Vesterålen - Fjord and mountain
Corbière - Lighthouse lantern
Platte Rocque Point - Bent pier
Le Havre - Snowy beach
Le Havre - The cabins
Le Havre - Kitesurfer and his wing on the beach
Le Havre - Kitesurfer and cargo
Erquy - Old rigging and tackle
Saint-Quay-Portrieux - The three capes
Marsaxlokk - Luzzu prow with eyes
Le Havre - Wave at north pier
Le Havre - Cargo ship and flying seagull
Saint-Malo - Old ship sailing besides the ramparts
Pukhet - Man reparing his outboard propeller near Kha Tapu island (James Bond, The man with the golden gun)
Inishmore - See onslaught on an Aran island cliff
New-York City - Manhattan skyline with twin towers
Venice - Santa-Maria della Salute and harbour seen from piazzetta San Marco
Platte Rocque Point - Bent pier
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