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"That's silly! Or a powerful mathematical equation, I can't choose which…"
Doctor Who

England photos index

Oxford - The Lady in Red at Christ Church College
Oxford - Christ Church College Staircase Ceiling
Oxford - The Jolly Monk Statue at Christ Church College
Steventon - Beadle and his dog ringing the church bell
London - Dancer statue in front of the Royal Opera House
London - City man in a hurry
London - Gherkin on the Launch Pad
London - Buckingham Palace Guard
London - London Eye & Chimneys
London - Taxis & Busses
London - Tube & Bus at Piccadilly Circus
London - Soho - Lady with a cigarette and statue of the man with the rope
London - Soho Pipes
London - Millenium Bridge & Saint-Paul Cathedral
London - Tate Modern - Man and painting (Francis Picabia - Otaïti)
London - Tate Modern - Jenny Holzer - Blue Purple Tilt (sexually unappealing)
London - Café Rouge & Red Bus seen from Saint-Paul Cathedral
London - London Eye
London - Garden & Red Telephone Box
Canterbury - Thomas Becket martyrdom place in the cathedral
Whitstable - Fishing Traps Flags
Canterbury - Heart of Generation Y
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